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my mum was struggling to open a chocolate easter egg so i was like ‘hold on i bet i can smash it against my forehead’ and she was like ‘no scarlett seriously don’t do it’ but i didnt listen and i picked it up like lmao and hit myself in the face with it and thats when i realised it wasnt hollow it was just a solid egg of chocolate i have never been in so much pain in my life someone call 999 





It really bothers me when members of the fandom say “so and so already did” when someone wants a critic to review something. Literally that is like, one of the most petty things we can say as fans. Different critics have different styles and enjoy different things, on another site I frequent one reviewer did a whole video on loving repo the genetic opera  while another said it was garbage and he was shocked people even saw it let alone liked it. Not to mention some people JUST DON’T WATCH CERTAIN REVIEWERS and they have the right not to. 

This has been going on pretty much since the fandom started and I’ve been sick of it the whole time.

This is certainly as old as the fandom. I mean heck, remember when James tried to point it out during the feud?


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